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Deploying ServiceStack to IIS with a subdirectory

When deploying ServiceStack to a subdirectory (i.e. /Customer1/ServiceStack) what worked on your development and QA may all of a sudden not work here.  You’ll see an error like this: Handler for Request not found: Request.HttpMethod: GET Request.HttpMethod: GET Request.PathInfo: /Customer1/ServiceStack

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Entity Framework: Unknown column innerexception

When working with Entity Framework dbsets and using a generic repository pattern, in your repository base class you may have methods such as: public virtual IEnumerable<T> GetAll() and in these functions access “dbset” objects.  If you get an error that

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XCode won’t open – The Mac OS X platform is missing – cannot set a default platform: XCPlatformSpecification –

If you get this error and cannot open XCode or cannot open XCode normally, follow this process: 1. Download AppCleaner app – 2. Open AppCleaner 3. Drag your XCode app form the Applications folder into the AppCleaner app. VERY

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AutoMapper and System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Advice on dealing with strange errors (in general): What’s the difference between the following lines of code (1 vs 3&4)? Code Snippet dtoList.Add(AutoMapper.Mapper.Map<Model.example, Dto.example>(example)); var dtoExample = AutoMapper.Mapper.Map<Model.example, Dto.example>(example); dtoList.Add(dtoExample); Answer: Potentially many hours of hair pulling and frustration. By

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Resetting Entity Framework 5 code first migrations

Working with a messed up DB that had been manually modified while using Entity Framework 5 code first approach is not fun. Not only that, but the migrations had been deleted from the project and from the Migrations History table

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Entity Framework 5 Codefirst and C# – context commit doesn’t show in the database

For those of you who are using Entity Framework codefirst and are experiencing the perplexing issue where all of the code runs without any exceptions and your context’s Commit() is called, but you look in your database and don’t see

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EFMVC error updating and solution

I was attempting to update a record using EFMVCs default “Update()” function from EFMVC and came across the following error: An object with the same key already exists in the ObjectStateManager. The ObjectStateManager cannot track multiple objects with the same

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LinkedIn API authentication problems with same & different browsers

LinkedInAuthentication (C# sample application for LinkedIn OAuth2.0 – Requires you to add NewtonSoft JSON) Quite a frustrating issue, today, but the solution is straight forward… Problem:  When using Chrome (Firefox too?) and logging into LinkedIn directly, THEN going to your

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LinkedIn API and ASP.NET C# adventures

Continuing with integrating LinkedIn with my ASP.NET C# app, I came across a few difficulties. 1. Some browsers block popups differently than others. Doing development in IE (because it’s better integrated with VS 2012) and doing so on an IIS

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Using Wufoo API with ASP.NET C#

I’ve just completed my basic Proof of Concept project for accessing the Wufoo API via ASP.NET C#.  I’m including the project here so others can hopefully get off the ground quicker with similar projects.  Here’s the basic code: Wufoo C#

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