Hacking the customer development process – part 2

After listening to Product People TV podcast, I wanted to draw attention to the process outlined by Jason Evanish – http://productpeople.tv/2013/03/27/ep19-jason-evanish-shares-his-process-for-understanding-customers/.

  1. Create a landing page or blog post. Both should have a sign-up form for email addresses (at least) – it should talk about the problem you’re solving
  2. Drive traffic to the landing page
    1. Use PPC (i.e. Google adwords)
    2. Use other blogs with high traffic
    3. Use twitter ads
    4. Post to LinkedIn groups that are relevant
  3. GOAL (milestone) is to have between 100 – 1000 email addresses
  4. Talk to 7-10 sign-ups in a lengthy interview
    1. Gather common thoughts/answers/questions from these interviews
  5. Create survey based on lengthy interview and send to everyone on mailing list (step 3)
    1. Create multiple choice questions with answers you already have from lengthy interviews (Step 4)
  6. Start building the solution

For other thoughts on hacking the customer development process, check out part 1:  http://michaelentrepreneur.com/2013/04/20/hacking-the-cu…covery-process/ ‎

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