Validating B2B software market demand

I have a single business interested in Genesis One (what I’m calling my first potential SaaS software solution).  Since then I’ve found competitors, followed up with this initial customer and everytime this initial customer rejected any alternatives to Genesis One telling me that none of these addressed their specific need.  All is good, right?  I must have a niche?  But I still felt uneasy about spending time on building something that only had one validated customer.  It’s difficult to find Businesses willing to talk to you about whether your niche software solution will be right for them.  I have a new technique for validating a B2B SaaS software solution.

Validating B2B SaaS software solution

  1. Find competitor(s) in your B2B SaaS software solution niche
  2. Search LinkedIn for folks who used to work at competitors in their sales department
  3. Send messages/Connect with these folks and ask them for a brief chat about your software market niche
  4. Those who respond positively, schedule an interview (preferably over the phone)

I came about this and found someone who immediately responded positively and gave me their phone number.  They said they would be happy to give me the history of the market niche, explain the sales cycle and also offer growth opportunities.  Excellent!  I’ll update next week after our chat.

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