First customer development phone call

Finished my first call with an attorney to learn about software solution opportunities in the legal industry.

My report card:

Active Listening: C
Follow-Thru: B+
Overall Result: C-

The takeaways:

Be quiet and let them speak

When setting up the call, don’t include “if you’ve already know of a software idea…”.  I noticed on this call that he was trying really hard to find a software idea, and that prevented him from seeing anything else.  The focus should be on how they work and from that will come the challenges and pain points.  From THOSE pain points will come the potential software ideas.  If you start at software, it’s very difficult to take a step back and focus on the process.

At the end of the call, there was no clear pain point that we could identify.  I asked for a quick run down of other business processes (different services) and it was the same, no pain points.  However, he did thank me for the chat, because he hadn’t really spent any time thinking about the exact process he goes through when offering a service to his customers.  I’ll want to develop this idea more.

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