2nd call and genenis one!

My next call with a prospective customer started off much more optimistically.  After reaching out to a b-school alum with the same canned email asking if they saw software solution opportunities in their market, the response that came back from the alum was overwhelmingly positive.  So, the call basically started with him already sold on the idea that I could build a software solution for his business… slam dunk, right?  It ended with him saying “We’ll [his business] be your first customer”.  Definitely, one in the bag feels good.

My report card:

Active Listening: B
Follow-Thru: C
Overall Result: B

The takeaways:

When a lead has a pain point, there’s nothing stopping them from giving you money.  It really did feel like he wasn’t gonna be satisfied until I was as excited as him about getting a software solution out there that addressed his needs.

Was offered a solution for $10k/yr, ended up paying $3k/year.  It turned out to be a horrible experience, but anytime someone actually pays for a solution, you know you can trust their word that they need the solution.

The only negative is the lack of connections he has in terms of introducing me to other businesses in his space or other folks that may need his solution.  Though he’s convinced others would buy this, I’m not, yet.  One in the bag is good, but having a lot of leads would be nice.

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